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Evaluating the timber on a piece of property is an essential component in the process of purchasing or selling land.  In the southeast rural landscapes are dominated by merchantable loblolly pine plantations that play an important part of state and local economies.  If managed properly merchantable pines can prove to be a quality long term investment that offers significant financial returns.  At Huff Creek Properties we have a solid grasp of the merchantable pine plantation industry and can assist in the evaluation process of this type of timber on any given property.

In addition to properly managing merchantable pines to maximize financial returns, we are strong advocates of incorporating timber management practices that promote timber diversity, wildlife habitat, and the preservation of riparian buffers.  These sustainable practices are important to the conservation movement and their implementation is vital due to the constant loss of rural acreage.  At Huff Creek, our team is passionate about sharing our knowledge on timber and we feel that carrying out these practices in a sustainable manner is absolutely invaluable to the quality of recreational and timber tracts.